Rogue is an American strength and conditioning equipment manufacturer based in Columbus, OH. From 2013 to 2016 I held the title of senior designer & art director for the creative department while working on a wide variety of projects.  Below is a portfolio of my favorite projects.


Art Direction / Motion / Design

For the 2016 Crossfit Games, Rogue wanted to showcase all of their athletes who made it to the games through banners and video. We created branding elements to capture the spirit of Rogue. A combination of motion graphics, banners, LED screens and other branding elements were used in the booth and elsewhere that complimented the same style and feel of Rogue.



Art Direction / Layout / Design

Rogue has been a primarily online store, distributor and manufacturer since 2006, but wanted a grass roots type of catalog to show colleges, high schools and training facilities what the brand has to offer. The purpose for the catalog is to show case all of the product in a clean, quick & easy to read layout without having to visit the web store.



Art Direction / Layout / Design

Advertisements were a large portion of the work for us at Rogue.  We strived to create campaigns that would be memorable and showcase company values.  Our welder billboard was created to catch eyes and make a lasting impact on people who knew the company and those who didn't.  



Art Direction / Motion / Design

Black Friday is one of the biggest sales days for everyone on is a motion based video created to promote different sales Rogue Fitness ran during the Black Friday season.  The time line for this video was 1 week including storyboarding, graphics and animation.